About us

Nqabile Recorporations was founded in 2006. Our business proposition is to charge people money for advice that will make them even larger amounts of money.

I'm Kanthan Pillay, and I'm the founder of this company. I offer broad-based strategical expertise across the nexus of technology, media, and communications. In practice, that means I do business process re-engineering, turnaround strategies, and greenfield projects.

I mostly work alone, but I maintain close relationships with professionals whom I subcontract to supplement my core competencies according to the scale and timeframe of the project. I work with them because of their recognised expertise in their fields coupled with their commitment to delivery deadlines within budget.

If you need my professional help, here's how to contact me.

My personal website keeps track of my writings, musings, ramblings, snapshots.

If you're here to be a better journalist, try Virtual Reporter.

If you want to know what the company name means, here's the back story.