Broadcast Technology for high quality low cost Radio, Television, and Audio/Video Production

Broadcasters are faced with the challenge of needing to source high quality locally-produced content while driving down costs.

For the independent producer in Southern Africa, this means a budget based on rand revenue needing to be produced on equipment paid for in dollars, euros, and yen.

We can tell you how those equipment costs can be contained by new and innovative uses of technology leaving you, the producer, able to spend money where it matters –- on content. This is because we are constantly tracking developments in broadcast and audio/video production technology with the specific aim of cost containment while maintaining quality. This makes us the best source of advice whether you are setting up greenfield operations or restructuring existing operations.

We at Nqabile Recorporations are not affiliated with any vendor. We do not offer to sell you a "solution". Instead, we assess your production workflow and use that as the basis for a range of scenarios, mixing and matching equipment from competitive vendors at list price. You as the client are then able to enter into direct negotiation with the individual vendors as necessary.

We at Nqabile Recorporations neither solicit nor accept commissions from vendors following such sales.